Patient Education

Air quality: government website providing real time air quality. The link has a zip code locator to provide air quality data for your town. The link is set for Camden, NJ.
Air Quality Website

Website with links regarding multiple different lung disorders (including rare lung disorders) provided by experts in the field of pulmonary.

National Institute of Health Asthma Action Plan (PDF)

Asthma centered website providing a broad range of information

Video about asthma
Asthma YouTube Video COPD Action Plan (PDF)

Extensive slide show explaining COPD decision making

COPD Centered Website providing a broad range of information

How to use a meter dose inhaler
YouTube Instructional Video

How to use a nebulizer
National Jewish Heatlh

How to use oxygen at home
Instructional YouTube Video

How to use a peak flow meter – Mayo Clinic

How to use a peak flow meter –

Peak Flow meter normative values


General education about sleep and disorders of sleep
YouTube Video

Polysomnogram / Sleep study patient information from the American Thoracic Soceity (PDF)

Informational video about what to expect with a sleep study
YouTube Video

Informational video regarding sleep apnea
Mayo Clinic Sleep Apnea Video

Care tips from the FDA regarding CPAP
YouTube Video

CPAP tips from the Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic CPAP Tips

Good Sleep hygiene information sheet from (PDF)

Tips from the Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic Website Sleep Tips

Patient forum regarding sleep
Apnea Board

Ards – WiKi
Hemoptysis- AFP
Aspergillosis –
Influenza – CDC
Oxygen therapy – National Institute of Health
Oxygen therapy – American Thoracic Society
Tobacco Abuse – NJ Quitline
Tobacco Abuse – FDA


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